Monday, May 25, 2009

Coolest truck in the world - Weird Mexican trucks

I have a thing for bizarre homebuilt contraptions. Especially the halfass backyard engineering sort. I was a big fan of “Junkyard wars” and other shows where people build stuff out of debris.

Of course, in Mexico this takes on a whole new meaning. This isn’t done to see who can build barbecue grilles out of car trunks or weird mailboxes from tractor parts for entertainment. There it’s done mostly out of necessity to fill some real need.

However, I have to think that the guys who built this truck were smirking just a bit when they stood back and took a good look at their entry into the cutthroat world of maquila parts transport.

I pass this contraption frequently on the way to work. It is used to deliver parts to a maquiladora down the street from mine.

By cutting the back foot off an US old school bus and welding it back on behind the drivers seat a truck cab was created. The extra long frame rails support a 24’ dock height box.

Now, think back to grade school and remember how the doors were. Yep, the narrow swing door is still there and the only way to get inside. But as a plus, your buddies can hang out on the stairs with door open and enjoy the breeze (seat belts are for pussies).

The real ingenious part thought, is shown in this photo. The white and yellow square you see on the front bumper is a valid license plate. Wonder how they did that?


Rick said...

I'm surprised that they didn't have to take the lights off and repaint it.

fiat128 said...

Normally all the busses here retain the stop signs, crossing arms and lights etc.

They don't need to remove them as they get knocked off by drunk drivers soon after it goes in service!