Friday, April 8, 2011

Irony - Part 2

Today I was late leaving work because I was messing around on the internet checking eBay, Facebook and all those other sites that that are so popular with those of us who'd rather not be working. Good thing too because my tardiness seems to have prevented me from being an eyewitness to the ventilation of this Suburban. The truck has "Servicios Funerarias" written on the side - "Funeral Services".

Particulars from Channel 44 News about the crime:

Police collected 7 S&W .40 caliber shell casings from the street. The owner of "Funeraria Rios"Juan Rios, aged 43, and his employee, aged 34, both died at the scene.

This sort of crime is very common in Juarez and usually results from buisnesses not paying their "cuota" or protection money. Either that or someone wasn't pleased with the undertaker's work.