Friday, August 14, 2009

Cash for clunkers, but where are the clunkers???

So yesterday in a self abusing exercise I decided to drive behind my local Pontiac & Chrysler dealers and see what people are turning in as clunkers.

What I saw truly makes me sick. Top of the list is this very nice looking BMW 735i. Someone seriously drove this into the Pontiac dealer and drove out in one of their discontinued shitboxes???? PEOPLE – What the fuck are you smoking????

“You know, this leather interior is too nice, I’d rather sit on some scratchy cheap ass cloth and listen to the engine strain in a rebadged Korean built G3”

Across the street, some idiot got rid of this Mercedes in exchange for a Dodge Caliber or PT Cruiser. No, it did not have a bad paint job – those streaks on the hood were caused by the overheating engine as they murdered it. The grille? That appears to have been taken home as a trophy by some service guy as it’s been carefully removed.

I’m not a big fan of using a pickup truck to drive around in all the time but I own one and it’s real nice to haul things in. Mine is a 1969 Chevy C-20 bought from the state of NC in a sealed bid auction for the princely sum of $503.99. It’s state yellow and rust colored and has a toolbox bed with diamond plate welded in the floor. Not very attractive but it does the job.

Far less attractive than these “clunkers” for sure. Of special note is the nice Chevy Stepside with the custom paint job. Paint that was blistered off the hood as it was blown up under the most wasteful government program ever conceived by city dwellers who want your ass on a bus.

No rust, I live in the desert!

Who’s definition of “piece of shit” does this fall under?

There’s going to be alot of lonely boats out there

This old Ford was super clean, in fact it looked like it had just been painted.

Another BMW, that just sucks. BMWs are great cars.

America is now the “land of the bailout”. Can’t run a bank? “No problem, we’ve got a government program to bail you out!” “Mismanaged your auto company?” No sweat, just sign up here for your bailout. “Can’t afford to put gas in your big 'ole car when its $4 a gallon?” Well, here’s $4500 to put toward a new one.

What a wasteful society we’ve built ourselves…


Denise said...

Wiley if this is you. Awesome. I can't tell you that how much I hate this progrm. I can't understand what form of economics this administration is following. They want to help the poor???? This will only inflate the price of used cars. Not to mention that it is absolutely a waste of perfectly good machinery. Many people including me would drive many of these vehicles.

fiat128 said...

I'd be more than happy to drive that 735i. I had an 84 733i with a five speed and it was a great car. This isn't the most revered BMW ever made but flinging it around the 138 turns of the "dragon's back" in Fontana NC made me a BMW fan for life.

As a "car guy" it's tough for me to see some of the cars being destroyed by this.

Impacted Customer said...

Great piece of work - thanks for doing what the media missed

What cars are people actually turning in?

Perfectly usuable, functioning, and good looking American vehicles

Another instance of the government thinking they know better and we're all dumb