Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bam! Bam! 2010 in Juarez Mexico!

Today is January 7th, 2010 and already there have been about fifty murders here in Juarez. When Juareneses ring in a new year, it’s done with gunfire.

I had a meeting at one of our other locations at 10:30 so as I was going out the door I thought “Maybe I should take my camera in case I run across something interesting”. Well, I did see “something interesting”.

On my way there, a Cruz Rojo (Red Cross) ambulance and a municipal cop passed me with the sirens blaring. I figured something must be up.

As I got to the Dennys in front of Galerias Tec on Avenido Technilogico I saw two dead narcos in the parking lot near their Dodge Durango.

I always heard eating at Dennys was bad for your health

He had a “Grand Slam”

Good thing the PJF drives around with sheets in the trunk!

I'll let you know more about the particulars of this one once I get more information.

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