Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mexican slang lesson of the day – “Cuernos”

Mexicans have an expression when you cheat on your spouse. They say that you are giving them “Cuernos” or horns.

Now think back to your childhood and when you were watching Bugs Bunny on Saturday morning and he would humiliate Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam and they’d sprout an ox head to show what a fool they had become.

Yea, like that only you’ve been given the horns by your mate. Another common slang word in Mexico is “Guey”, which is a bull or oxen and pretty much means your share the IQ of the animal, which is how your spouse managed to give you the cuernos in the first place.

This make me wonder who was involved in deciding who would win the “Troops Choice award for Entertainer for entertainer of the year” at Spike TV’s Guys Choice awards.

Sandra Bullock graciously accepts the Troops Choice award for Entertainer for Entertainer of the year (Hey George, are you gonna tell her?)

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