Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Breaking news! – Trump nominates Kanye West to the newly created Dept. of Narcissism

In a bold and decisive decision President elect Donald Trump has chosen rapper and reality star Kanye West to head the newly created Dept. of Narcissism.

"You're gonna love me, just like I do"

"I can't think of a more qualified candidate for this" Trump stated in an official Tweet.  "He's got decades of experience and I'm sure he's more than able to handle this heavy responsablity" he added 20 seconds later.

Proof the world is big enough for two gigantic egos

West was not available for comment of course, however, an official spokesperson said Kanye was deep in his own thoughts and would "get back to him at a time that would be best for Kanye".

Despite the strong desire to score some political damage, the Clinton campaign and the DNC headquarters were forced to admit "Damn, that Trump's pretty much of a genius on that one".  Bernie Sanders added "Yea, well I guess that was just too big of a job for Trump to take on by himself so he had to delegate some of it"

Kanye's most redeeming attribute

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