Monday, September 7, 2009

National Community Tax Coalition lies to you

I was killing time at work today and typed "El Paso" and searched for images and ran across this photo posted to the website of some sort of liberal organization called "National Community Tax Coalition".

The caption on their website ( ) reads "One of the neighborhoods served by El Paso’s Neighborhood Services Division".

I was appalled that these people are posting a photo of one of the poorest neighborhoods in Juarez Mexico and claiming it's El Paso and that some sort of exploitation is taking place in El Paso TX (located in the USA, a different country you dipshits!).

I drive by this exact street everyday. It's visible from I-10 as you pass the UTEP campus and can see across the river into Mexico.

Scenic veiw of the Anapra neighborhood in Juarez Mexico - (Note to geographicaly challenged activists -this is a different nation than the USA )

Now, I don't really give a damn about whatever cause they are promoting one way or the other but I do get mad when blatent lies are tossed around to promote ideaology. People, if you are trying to get others to join your cause, tell the truth. Posting this type of yellow journalism on the internet makes you no better than pharmeceutical companies that are organizing disruptive activists to stop the healthcare debate.

El Paso sucks but it isn't that bad.

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