Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh brother, where art thou?

Some of my massive fan base (I inherited all of Michael Jackson’s fans after he died. However, for all of the old MJ fans who keep emailing me, I do not have his old photos of McCauley Culkin so quit asking) may have been wondering where I have been.

Just in case you've been pining away for more strange photos of food containers or homemade trucks I'm still here and will resume shortly.

However, just so everyone doesn't think I've gone to play checkers with Elvis I'll explain where I've been.

I've been laying low lately. I got a bad case of the willies after posting on some of the Mexican drug violence. I use some software to track who views this site and how they got here. It tells me where they were from, what their URL is and any searches they made to find this place. After my post on August 10th (since removed), I noticed that people in Miami and El Paso were suddenly reading this.

No one local ever reads my blog. they just don't seem to care (or can't figure out how to use a computer). Miami? I don't know anyone there and in both cases they were searching for information specific to my post.

I suddenly had visions of saying hello to Al Pachino's "little friend". So I figured I'll remove my reporting of what local reporters had to say and lay low for a while. You know, so I don't end up all duct taped up in the back of an SUV with blingy wheels.

"Say hello to my little friend, pinche blogger reportero!"

PS: OK, guys from the Tulsa sex offender registry, I did get this one photo of McCauley from MJ’s manager:

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