Monday, February 8, 2010

Republitard of the week

Here we have the worlds most famous MILF giving a speech to her "tea bagger" pals as they envision themselves as a real political force instead of the spoon fed voice of the big business health care lobby that they really are.

Remembering what worked in high school, she's cleverly written some notes on her palm to reminder herself of what she's supposed to be talking about (probably a few geography pointers as well in case that pesky Katie Couric shows up).

However, in a typical “I’ve been blond at times” moment, she apparently forgot that if you talk with your hands, some smartass just might take a picture of them and prove that’s not the telephone # of a cute guy you met at the bar written there. According to AP, it says "Energy, Budget cuts (with "budget" crossed out), Tax, Lift American Spirits."

Come on Sarah, you could have studied for at least a few minutes and remembered that!

Oh, and BTW here a few more retardicans for your amusement (I think I get why these people are so terrified of illiterate Mexicans):

And lastly....

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