Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stellar moments in advertising or "How to sell Malt Liquor"

One of my many hobbies is collecting beer related paraphenalia or "brewerania" as it's known. The other day I ran across the best item I've found to date. This little 6"X6" sticker made in the mid 1970s has to be one of those great gems in forgotten advertising.

Drawn by Mad magazine and "Tales from the Crypt" comic artist Jack Davis, it's one of those non-PC wonders that instantly makes you smirk and pine away for the old days before everyone got so offended over everything.

Love the hood ornament on the pimpmobile!

You can learn more about Jack Davis here:



Orion said...

Here is an interesting page talking about the history of Malt Liquor.


According to this page, Country Club was originally marketed primarily towards white people. Obviously things changed.

Note the Country Club add pictured below the second paragraph with it's "White America in the 50s" look.

The page talks in great detail about the marketing shift from White Middle Class consumers to post Civil Rights Movement Blacks.

fiat128 said...

You are absolutely correct! I have quite a few old punchtop cans and advertising peices from the late fifties and early sixties with all white advertising.

Some of the most interesting ads are from when Schlitz Malt Liquor was introduced trying to explain "What is Malt Liquor".

It was being marketed as a sophisticated drink that was "not beer" (Schlitz's words, not mine).