Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad day in Juárez

Last Saturday in the middle of the day a 25 year old pregnant American consulate worker and her husband were murdered within sight of the Santa Fe international bridge in downtown Juarez. Their 10 month old baby in the backseat of the Toyota RAV-4 was unharmed.

This was an especially bold act in an area with a high concentration of Mexican army and police protection.

Elsewhere in Juárez a 37 year old man who was the husband of another consulate employee was also shot and killed. His two children aged 4 and 7 sitting in the backseat of his Honda Pilot were wounded. This attack took place nearly simultaneously with the first ambush.

This was also an unusual instance in that US government employees were killed.

Both appeared to be the work of Mexican drug cartels.

The consulate employees were evacuated to El Paso and the consulate is closed for today and tomorrow.

However, I had no other choice other than to go to work today.

President Obama has vowed to work with the FBI and Mexican authorities to find the killers.

(Copyright Reuters news photo)

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