Monday, December 1, 2008

Aw, to hell with non political posts. As I don’t think I mentioned before, I work in an electric motor factory in Juárez Mexico (no, I didn’t make that up for effect, its true!).

Sometimes I wonder about how this transpired. I mean, it’s not part of anybodies life plan to go work in what amounts to a war zone (more on that later). Never the less, it’s been interesting and when I think about how I ended up here I have to find someone to blame. That’s the American way after all. We don’t want to accept responsibility for what happens to us, must have been someone else’s doing.

My two favorite groups to blame are boardroom Republican types and unions. I could write a book about the first group but am far too lazy for that so I’ll stick with the latter.

Unions did a fine job for many years and once that job was completed they set out to fuck their members out of a job. No future for anyone in this country really other than those who sell ideas for a living (or porn).

I present to you what should be made into posters to be hung in all union halls across America. I took this photo while waiting in line to cross back into the US after work one day.

Here we have some teamster’s old truck serving its new master in Juarez. I find the juxtaposition of the pro union bumper stickers serving as bookends to the Mexican license plate to be far to appropriate.

If the driver actually understood the meaning and implications of the stickers on the back of his newly acquired vehicle no doubt he’d agree with the cause. After all, US unions have helped to ensure many a Mexican has a good job with ample benefits.

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