Monday, December 1, 2008

The start...

OK, so why a blog? To be honest, I keep asking myself the same question. Not really sure other than I feel like I have something to say and am under the possibly misguided perception that someone wants to listen.

So what’s it going to be about you ask? Well, there seem to be plenty of political pundits out there with blogs so I’ll try to avoid that (no guarantee though, politicians usually make me have something to say).

Mostly this will be about stuff I find interesting, comments on life and a chronicle of my attempt to build a hot rod. When I say “build a hot rod” I don’t mean order parts from a catalog and bolt them onto a Mustang that I bought from an auction. I’m talking about taking a derelict vehicle and sheets of metal and making the damn thing from scratch. I this case, I’ll start with a 1934 International 2 ton grain truck. This truck has sat since the mid 1950s in the desert north of Phoenix.

50 years sitting outside takes a toll on anything so there’s not much left of it. All I’ll be using from the truck is the cab (whatever can be saved) and the grille. That’s it. All of the rest will be either hand built from scratch or modified from other vehicle parts.

No, I really don’t know what I’m doing and have never attempted anything like this but I figure if I can move to another country and learn the language and work there, this is in the doable column. Besides, what else can a guy who had driven a red sports car his whole life do for a mid life crisis?

Anyway, back to this blog. This is where I get a chance to say what I want, no matter how rude or offensive it may be so you might want to add this to the blocked websites on your kid’s net nanny list. There you have it, you’ve been warned. I accept no responsibility for your kids growing up warped or other unfortunate events that may befall them such as their kids being born naked or ugly.

If you’re still onboard after that then sit back and prepare to be amused, disgusted or just plain glad you’ve turned out a bit more normal.

I’ll add periodic updates as I feel like it, not a moment sooner.

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