Monday, December 1, 2008

The Truck

The inspiration for building a “traditional hot rod” came from eBay actually. I had always thought of hot rodders as the sort of guys who sit around and light their own farts for amusement. I grew up in the 80s when hot rod got morphed into “street rod”. This was a style of car that was intended to be used to cruise around at 15 miles an hour when operating and spend most of the time parked with it’s owner sitting a folding chair nearby to answer questions about his purchase – if he could.

It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. I was into driving fast, mostly around curves in tiny Fiats that handled like go carts. Proving my manhood by driving a Pepto Bismol pink and blue automatic pavement pounding pig was not the least interesting to me “Drag racing” indeed.

One day while searching the “other makes” section of eBay, I ran across a fellow selling this strange beast. Looking part Mad Max and part hound of hell, it lit a fire in me. I loved it. There’s just something raw and perhaps a bit evil going on here. Something that society at large would probably frown on. I was just the ticket for how I felt at the moment and the thought has not faded yet.

Faced with the fact that I don’t have a nice fat checking account, it was sold to some guy in Reno NV. Not before I had the chance to call up the guy who built it first though. Yep, “I’ll build my own” I thought. After months of searching, I found one close enough for me to drag home. So, I took $710 and threw it out the window and became the proud owner of what could best be described as a lot of scrap steel.

When I showed up to retrieve it, it was so heavy that I thought the tires on my trailer were going to burst. I took a blowtorch and cut the back half of it off (I really don’t need a giant 3,000 lb differential from the 1930s anyway). I made it home without killing any innocent bystanders.

Stay tuned…

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