Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Places best to avoid

I took this picture in Apex North Carolina. I assume the owner of this car wash thought he was being clever naming his business “The Wet Spot”. I don’t know if that was the most appealing name he could have come up with but he thought it was worth going with and spent hard fought cash to hot press his wet dream into plastic.

This is one of those places where you sit in the lobby reading two year old copies of People or Field & Stream while 5 guys detail your car. I personally don’t want to sit in the wet spot while someone washes my car and I really hope that no one calls me on the cell phone and asks me where I am, i.e.: “sitting in the wet spot”.

That aside, his attempt to work the Hooters business model comes crashing down the creative ladder of sexual innuendo to the rung of redneck humor with his mangling the spelling of the one thing on the property that should suck, his vacuums .
At least he has showers for when you're all done sitting in the wet spot.

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