Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ay Guey, eres mensa o que?

How come ever person I ever met that was a member of Mensa seems to be a complete idiot? They always seem to have one or more glaring defects, like the inability not to say the most offensive thing imaginable if given the opportunity.

I think that it just must be that anyone who'd actually want to be a member of Mensa is socially maladjusted. After all, isn't the point to prove to the rest of the world that you really are smarter than they are?

One of the things that I really get a kick out of is when people tell me they are members of Mensa. I always smirk everytime some overly Aspberger'ed self proclaimed "know it all" points out their acceptance by Mensa. It's because I know that the gardener would bust out laughing if he heard this.

You see, "mensa" in Mexican slang means "stupid". Many times when I've just failed to get the obvious point I've received the "no mensa" crack from my wife (who happens to be Mexican).

Yep, I just get a kick out this. Especially when it's my cousin doing it.

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