Monday, April 20, 2009

How to build bombs, poison the water supply and fuck up a polo match.

Today 21 polo horses suddenly all dropped dead of what appeared to be heart failure. Right now it’s suspected that there was a toxin in their food or something. While I think this is really sad as horses are beautiful creatures and my 5 year old daughter loves them, this also sends sheer terror up my spine. Terror of the type you’d imagine if you read The Stand by Steven King for the first time. Yep, a world like the late 80s B-flick “Def Con 4”.


As guy who crosses the border everyday and realizes how “unprotected” we really are (unprotected like a drunk 16 year old slut at a frat party) I’m sure these guys haven’t thought about how this could possibly be a small test to by someone like Al Qaeda to see if you really can commit mass murder by poisioning the water or food supply.

Hence the title of today’s blog, I’m hoping that since you are monitoring the Internet you guys will see this and pick up on it. You’re welcome, that tip’s free because I love my 5 year old daughter. Get out your cop equipment and get on it quick.

PS: Seeing how I could possibly get laid off at any moment due to the “sucky” economy, and Obama might throw a bit of that 700 billion your way keep me in mind if you need some employees, I’m pretty perceptive for a suburbanite.

"TSA & DHS launch undercover investigation into polo pony assasination plot"

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