Monday, April 13, 2009

Now that's a bit harsh

Sometime in the 70s or 80s when I was a kid, handicapped parking appeared. At first this was a great idea, reserving a space for someone who really has trouble ambling across the parking lot. Like all things though, this have become widely abused over the years as just about any minor issue qualifies you for a special plate to park in the forbidden third of the parking lot.

I think most people secretly hate the overabundance of handicapped parking places that are reserved in every parking lot in the US. Especially when you frequently see someone get out of a big ‘ole SUV who doesn’t seem to be in much discomfort and could probably benefit from the extra walk waddling up to the store. I’ve got no beef with a person who has a real need for it but I bet I speak for most of us when I think to myself, “Yea, if that was me I’d just buck up and walk the slight extra distance to the door”.

However, instead of just thinking it’s a bit undeserving the DOT in the state of New Mexico takes extra measures to make sure people think twice about taking that cherry spot in front of the door at the rest areas.

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