Sunday, April 5, 2009

Night of the long knives

There have been several events known as "night of the long knives" throughout history. The most famous is the 1934 purge of Hitler's opponents within the Nazi party. AC/DC sang about it in one of their better but little know songs.

Tomorrow is my own personal night of the long knives. I've known for weeks now that 20% of the people working where I work are going to get laid off tomorrow. In some instances, I know which ones. One old guy who stop by my office every day to voice his complaints is on the list as far as I know. It's the ones I don't know about that worry me the most. Maybe me.

I can't say that I'm an ideal employee, I'm just whoring myself to the highest bidder. Whenever I can, I goof off. Surfing the internet, emailing porn, blogging or a multitude of other vices that are OK as long as people like your company. Cause for termination if they bore with you. I've never been laid off, fired or otherwise been told to take a hike. I'm not sure how I'd take that or what I'd do. Sell shit on ebay most likely. However, using the sickest of indicators - deadlines beyond the "kill date", I assume I will survive this one too. I'll let ya know.

In a morbid twist, they are having a "discada" or sort of a backyard fiesta for those that survive the day after. There will be music, barbecue etc. in the parking lot of one of the plants and all the salaried employees (that is, those that are employees on this day) are invited. A bit macabre if you ask me. I think mobsters do this after someone gets "whacked".

I just imagine the temples of Tenochtitlan stained red with blood while the crowds cheer as another head tumbles down the stairs.

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