Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More little girls with big guns

Yesterday the PJF arrested 20 year old Anahí Beltrán Cabrera seen in this photo along with her Browning AR-50 .50 caliber tripod mount machine gun.

In addition to this nice bit of kit, she was also found to be in possession of an arsenal that would make an Al Qaeda cell proud. Her personal gun collection included the .50 cal, a .30 Browning, six full auto "assault" rifles, a grenade launcher, 267 magazines, a hand grenade 9,627 rounds of ammunition (holy shit!) and just in case firing some serious ordinance wasn't enough to get her amped up she also had 750 grams of cocaine to keep her excited.

In Mexico when the cops bust someone, it's traditional to put the perp on parade for the cameras along with whatever they found. Not included in the photo are the three pickup trucks she had to haul all this stuff and the helicopter belongs to the PJF but she's probably got an old Huey parked somewhere

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